Nonogram Game

Nonograms are addictive picture cross puzzles, also known as Griddlers. If you're looking for a fun and challenging game, Nonograms are a perfect choice. In Nonogram game you should fill the grid of squares with color in order to reveal a hidden image. It is a fun and engaging way to exercise your mind.

Nonogram Rules

The rules of Nonograms are simple. The puzzle represents a field divided into rows and columns, with numbers placed near them to provide clues for which squares to fill in. The numbers indicate the length of consecutive colored squares in that row or column.

For example, if a row has the numbers 3, 1, 2, it means that this row contains three consecutive colored squares, one colored square, and two consecutive colored squares, separated by at least one empty square.

The goal of Nonograms is to fill in the grid with colored squares according to the clues provided, eventually revealing a hidden picture.

Avoid guessing! Use your logic skills to determine which squares should be colored and which ones - left empty".

Benefits of Nonogram Puzzles

Nonogram puzzles offer numerous benefits beyond just entertainment. They may help to improve cognitive abilities, including memory, attention, and reasoning. Nonograms may also provide a great way to reduce stress and anxiety by focusing your mind on a challenging task. App

Along with paper and pencil versions of nonograms, these puzzles can be played on smartphones and tablets.

A huge collection of unique nonogram puzzles is just one tap away with app! It is a mobile game available on iOS and Android. contains thousands of pictures to solve, for beginner and expert players. Enjoy a variety of categories and color the field from scratch, revealing the hidden picture step by step!

Besides the captivating gameplay, has a lot to offer:

  • Daily challenges. Solve the puzzles every day and receive a reward at the end of the month. Collect all the trophies within a year!
  • Secret levels. Fulfill all daily tasks (e.g., color 100 squares, pass 5 levels, solve the puzzles without mistakes) and open a secret level to reveal the image it hides!
  • Tournaments. Take part in time-limited activities competing with other nonogram lovers. Can you solve more nonograms than any other players? Join the contest, collect points and receive a top prize!
  • Seasonal events. Enjoy nonogram puzzles devoted to a specific topic, e.g., movie time, spring festival, forest world, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and more. Solve hundreds of puzzles while the event is going on and collect unique postcards!
  • Hints. When you don't know what square to color, hints may be of great help. Use them to solve nonograms even faster!
  • Every nonogram solved is added to your collection in the app. Take a look at all the images you've revealed after a while and be proud of yourself!

Are you ready to take on a challenge? Train your brain, practice your logic skills and have endless fun while playing!